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4th Album “0” Released July 11, 2012
There is so much more than words could ever say

P/No. DDCB-15003   Price ¥2,500 Label BounDEE by SSNW
01.    Kimi ga Hoshii
02.    Hide And Seek
03.    Goodspeed
04.    My Evil
05.    While You Are Sleeping
06.    Akai Scarf no Yukue
        (Where The Red Scarf Goes)
07.    Urban Landscape
08.    Occam’s Razor
09.    Ever Frozen
10.    Lost Mustache Bazooka
11.    Butterfly
         Gust Player Kazuhiro Miyamura (Oboe)
         Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
12.    Vetro
13.    Recovering

About The Band
 SIBERIAN NEWSPAPER is an acoustic septet consisting of Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Classic Guitar, Contrabass, Piano and Percussion. "Like all music of the world." The band often stated. The unique combination of the instruments weaves together to break free from the conventional Rock music. The band freely combine and mix styles from around the world including Pops, Jazz, European folk, gipsy swing, blues, latin, irish, bossa nova, ska, and even metal and minimal music. That mark a dramatic shift from their earlier albums.

2005   SIBERIAN NEWSPAPER, formed by Takao Amori
2006   Released 1st album "Asiatic Spy". Performed at "In The City" festival in UK.
2007   Performed at Fuji Rock Festival.
2008   Released 2nd album "Comical Salute". Their song "Slovenian morning" aired on CF.
2009   Released "The Four Seasons" ,an innovative remake of Antonio Vivaldi's famous classical work of the same name. They held "Pious Infant". expressing the Edward Gorey's illustrated book by their music.
2010   Released 3rd album "Historia Siberiana". They held a one-band music festival "Zooberian" at Hep hall, Osaka. (performed 65songs in 10 hours)
2011   Interviewed by French website "Ongaku-Dojo" Their songs were used in the play "The Flying Classroom" and "Toritsukare Otoko", performed by Theater Company Caramel Box.
2012   Released 4th album "0". They wrote songs for each act in the play "Unaccompanied Sonata", performed by Caramel Box. Recordings of  "Tour 0 live" at Duo MUSIC EXCHANGE and Soundtracks of  "Unaccompanied Sonata" are available for download.

 L to R
Takayuki Manabe (Classic Guitar)
Shusaku Yamamoto (Contrabass)
Yusaku Tsuchiya (Violin)
Masakazu Hilao (Percussion)
Takao Amori (Acoustic Guitar)
Kazuhiro Fujita (Piano)


Asiatic Spy

Comical Salute

The Four Seasons

Historia Siberiana
Live at duo


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 "Unaccompanied Sonata”

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